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We started off the first day of our code secrets course by introducing ourselves to not only Mr. Rosche, but also to his other high school helpers. That day we Signed up onto gmail, became introduced to what at first seemed like a highly complex challenge called, "The Googly Eyes Challenge," and began learning on code.org. It was an overall new experience that involved challenges that intrigued me. We also created a circuit that powered a light. The most memorable part of that day was listening to Jacob's speech and seeing how his love for programming could possible change the science of biometrics and security.



I woke up tuesday morning excited about the day, and wanted to learn more about coding. When the class started, we completed our Googly Eye Challenge and compared our ways of solving it, which i found interesting. We went on to learn about a program called RAPTOR.Art & Design Computer animated GIF


In the moment i opened up this program and started my challenge, I instantly fell in love. This sort of program came simple to me like taking a breath of fresh air. Possibly my favorite part of that day was the end, where we went on to work with circuits that included an arduino board it was really cool seeing how lights work and being able to mess with the code on a computer.



On wednesday we were introduced to a spectrogram that specifically analyzed bird calls, whichwas very fascinating. Furthermore, we continued to work with the RAPTOR program to create a certain format that the user must see, and i loved every second of it. I think it's the complexity that makes me appreciate raptor so much. Later on in that day, we learned how to code websites to look certain ways and do stuff, which is extremely cool. Its like a behind the scenes look at websites. We went on to working more with arduino boards.Music Art animated GIF