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Misconceptions About Girls In Computing 

There are some misconceptions that tends to keep girls out of Computing that we will address in Code Secrets, our new computing camp for girls.

Misconception #1:  Computing is just for boys.  
There certainly are lots of boys in computing but that really doesn't mean much.  Anyone can use a computer so anyone can code!  It's not hard and it's accessible. If you can type on a keyboard and click a mouse, you can program, whether you're a boy or a girl.

Misconception #2:  Computing is not social.  
Building software (coding) takes a team of people; someone working alone can't do much.  Teams can be very large but an individual can work effectively with only 7 or so others.  So big teams are broken down into smaller teams so that you're working with other people whom you like.  If you don't like your team, you switch to another!  Computing is very social!

Misconception #3:  Computing is hard and no fun.  
Well, it is challenging.  But who wants a boring job that doesn't challenge you?  Can you imagine doing the same thing, over and over, day after day?  Growing with new challenges is fun.  And you'll discover in our Camp that working with the computer and your team is fun!

Misconception #4:  Computing is boring.  
I want to do something interesting like biology.  That's perfect!  Back to the Georgia Tech College of Computing again, they created "threads" where you learn computing AND an application area at the same time (eg, biology, biotechnology, media, robots, plus deep Computing).  The blending of Computing and other areas is what allows the other areas to make huge leaps forward.  Remember the Human Genome story?

Misconception #5:  "Real people" don't do Computing.
We'll bring in some young women, and some young men, to talk with you and describe what they do every day.  That way you'll see for yourself what Computing is really all about.  We'll bring in people from CommVault, AT&T and other local software companies.

Misconcpetion #6:  There is no follow-up after this course.
We'd do follow-on courses to Code Secrets as part of our regular Stars Challenge at Monmouth University program.  In New Jersey high schools, students can only get college credit for AP Computing courses.  We want to prepare our students to jump right into the AP courses.