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Come Join Our Girls-Only Coding Camp!

This program will be a hands on adventure into the world of compute science.  You will be exposed to various coding languages and technologies such as Raptor, Processing, MIT App Inventor, Micro:bits, and Arduino and more.  You need to be curious and interested in exploring; you do not need any previous experience.

This class will operate out of High Technology High School located in Lincroft, NJ.  Mr. Roche will be teaching the course assisted by his team of teaching assistants who are currently students at HTHS.
Introduction to Coding
We’ll introduce you to basic concepts common to all computer programs and get you started on a number of interesting challenges. Whether working with a block language, JavaScript, Processing, or other languages, you’ll quickly discover what’s common to all of them. 
You’ll have the opportunity to create circuits and interface them with 
an Arduino micro-controller. In only a few days we’ll have you confident to continue exploring on your own with a number of online resources, should you wish to do so.

We’ll have a number of professionals interacting with you via Google Hangouts. They all use coding in their jobs or current studies so you see what real professionals are doing.
We’ll end our first week with a morning specifically planned with you and your friends to further explore your favorite language or tech platforms.  Our teachers and TAs will help you apply your creativity to coding challenges.