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Why A Computing Camp For Girls? 

We're doing Code Secret, our new computing camp just for girls because girls are seriously underrepresented in Computing, because Computing is at the core of much of the progress in other fields (eg, biology), and because Computing is a great career with jobs that pay well.  Oh, and it's fun!

Girls are seriously underrepresented in Computing.  About 60% of the students who graduate from college now are girls.  But only about 12% of the graduates in Computing (sometimes called Computer Science or Software Engineering) are girls.  This is a great opportunity for girls to bring their unique perspective to Computing.  And you'll see in our Camp that there are other girls just like you!

Computing is at the core of much of the progress in other fields.  For example, in genetics, it took 10 years and about $3 billion to sequence the first human genome that was completed in 2000.  Now we can do it in a couple of days for about $7,000.  Almost 2,000 times faster and a million times cheaper!  How did that happen?  Computing!  There are new chips that help separate out the individual genes and there is software that helps assemble the sequences and that does the "drudge work" quickly.  

This story will be repeated in most areas of science including biology, biotechnology
, robots to help older people stay in their home, forensics, and physics.  Girls can be part of this revolution -- it's not just for boys!

And, of course, it's a team activity and it's fun.  And you'll discover that in our Code Secrets computing camp for girls.