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Now Accepting Applications for Summer Camps!

Join us for an exciting week of marine science at Summer Camp at Sandy Hook.  Hosted by MAST.

You might also enjoy a week of girls-only coding camp at High Tech High School.

Now Accepting Applications for Summer Camps!
Join us for an exciting week of marine science at Summer Camp at Sandy Hook.  Hosted by MAST.

You might also enjoy a week of girls-only coding camp at High Tech High School.
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Now Accepting Applications for Summer Camps (2-14-17)
New Stars Challenge Executive Director (8-1-16)

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What is Stars Challenge?

The Stars Challenge is a science enrichment program for 6th through 9th graders that is held primarily at High Technology High School and Biotechnology High School. Our goal is to get more top students -- students who can become innovators -- involved in science and technology and ultimately to maintain America's historical lead in technology and innovation.

We start with excellent teachers. Then we focus on real-world problems where students can work in small groups to create innovative solutions. We want to stimulate and nurture the students' passion and curiosity about science. We want our students to understand how they can use science and technology to make a positive impact on society

High Tech is the best STEM high school (science, technology, engineering and math) in the country.  Both High Tech and Biotech High Schools are among the top 15 high schools in the country.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know Monmouth County's outstanding high schools!

We offer four programs:

  • Our Fall and Winter Science Courses are our flagship program for top middle school students.  Courses are taught at High Tech and Biotech High Schools in the evening during fall and winter semesters.   We began our 11th academic year this fall; so far, we've taught 92 courses with over 1,350 students from over 60 schools. Check out our courses offerings at Fall and Winter Science Courses.  Take a look at pictures from our previous courses in our Gallery.
  • Summer Camp at Sandy Hook is a one-week marine science program that is located on Sandy Hook and is hosted by MAST.  This is a hands-on course with both lab and field work that explores the marine life and habitat of Sandy Hook's beaches and estuaries. All our instructors are from MAST. For more information, see Summer Camp at Sandy Hook.
  • Coding Camp For Girls -- called Code Secrets -- is a one-week program that combines coding with applications in science.  This is a hands-on course that teaches the basics of coding along with the use of sensors in other areas of science.  It is hosted by Mr. Michael T. Roche at High Technology High School.  For more information, see Coding Camp For Girls and our brochure (pdf).
  • Robotics Summer Camp is a four day, hands-on, minds-on introduction to building and coding robots. Students will create robots using the VEX Robotics materials and then use their coding skills to program their robots to complete simple tasks on their own.  For more information, see Robotics Summer Camp and our brochure (pdf).

The Stars Challenge, Inc.
The Stars Challenge admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.
A 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

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