Code Secrets, Stars Challenge summer camp 2015


Monday, we began our first day of camp with the Googly Eyes Challenge and tried programming on code.org. We also learned about using a laser and solar panel to transmit music to speakers. Later, we made a circuit with a light bulb and switch.


Tuesday, we completed the Googly Eyes Challenge and spoke with Dr. Shah about the interaction of robots and humans. Then we tried programming with Raptor. We also learned more about circuits and arduinos. We made one that causes a light bulb to change colors.


Wednesday, we listened to bird and whale calls. We edited our new webpages, worked on Raptor, and built another circuit with a multiple light bulbs. In the afternoon, we leaned from a special speaker about robot named Budgee that helped carry things for people who were disabled, or could be used while shopping.


Thursday, we created our own quizzes/build-your-own-stories on Raptor. We spoke to a librarian and alumni about how coding can be used in library labs or websites. In the afternoon, we worked on different circuits and chose our activities for Friday.


On Friday, our last day, we heard about an IV stand that followed the patient in a hospital. We also spoke with a Georgia Tech student about her experience with coding. Then, we enjoyed Free Form Friday Finale/Focus (FFFF). We tried out many of the circuits, worked on our Raptor games, and finally presented our projects.

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