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The Stars Challenge Photo and Video Gallery

For Winter 2008 at Monmouth University



Check out the photographs from our Winter 2008 Semester at Monmouth University.These are all pdfs.

       Ms. Huiís 6th grade class Forensics (pdf).

       Ms Lyonís 7th grade class Is it Science or Magic? (pdf).

       Mr. Morganís 7th and 8th grade class Robotics Revolution (pdf).

       Mr. Coeís 8th and 9th grade class Explore the Universe (pdf).



The Stars Challenge:An overview of what it is with lots of pictures and video clips from our courses in 2006 and 2007.Let it download for 15-20 seconds then start viewing it; you donít have to wait until it is all downloaded.This video was done by Todd Chappell of Georgetown University.


We use Quicktime.If youíd like to download the latest version of Quicktime, click here.Itís from Apple and itís free!


Of course, videos are best viewed if you have broadband.If you donít, send us an email (chappell@StarsChallenge.org) or call (732-530-1061) and weíll get you a DVD with the same videos that you can play on your PC or TV (it seems to work better on the PC).