Here are some things that I like:


This is what we did in Code Camp so far:

This was the first day at camp, it was honestly a little intimidating at first because I thought I would be the only one who didn't know how to code well enough, but it ended up cool because we did a lot of fun things like coding and talking to a former student Jacob who talked to us about some of his inventions he accomplished through coding. We even got a chance to work with circuits!!


On Tuesday, we started off the day with a Googly Eye / Popsicle Stick Challenge and my team won, with 24 characters and getting everything right! We won these flashdrive bracelets. Speaking of bracelets, we even got to make binary bracelets, which I messed up on (a lot). We talked to Dr. Shah who was in charge of Robot Human Interaction, and I learned a lot about robots working with humans. After, we were introduced to a program called Raptor in which we used different tools like input, output, and assignment. At the end of the day, we worked with a program called Arduino, so we arranged wires, LED lights, and more on a board, then attatched it to the laptop. My team messed around with colors, speed, delay, and more.

Today we entered the room and started doing a Bird Call Hero quiz. I got a 70% on the first one, and a 57% on the other one. I didn't do so well.. blush After, we talked to Jessica who was studying whale calls, and she told us about that. Afterwards, we did a little more Arduino work and then, we were visited by some people who brought in a robot called Budgee. It was supposed to help people who couldn't carry things themself.

On Thursday we did a lot of things that I can't remember, but I now we did a little coding on a bunch of different websites and programs, like Raptor, w3schools, codeacademy,, etc. 

Today was the last day at this camp! crying I was really sad, but we still got to do so many things like the FFFF. We did a Raptor about camping and worked with Aniudos.