Hello, As you most likely know already, I'm currently going to the code secrets stars challenge camp. May I say that it is quite amazing and exciting. This is my first time changing the html code and i honestly don't know what to say.

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I love music. Literally anything envolving music. Dance, Band, Music technology, making song lyrics, etc. You name it.


Monday was fun for all of us. They ended up teaching us about the way to use codes. I was completly new to the subject so i found it interesting. We were assigned a challenge, (known as the googly eyed challenge) this assignment was done with a group of three. The goal was to be able to make a code that we could all understand with the least amount of characters so that we could show the other person where they were suppose to place the googly eyes on a coordinate like graph. We also learned how to light up a bulb with circuits. 


On Tuesday, We were introduced  


Here's where you can reflect on what was accomplished / attempted on our third day together.


By now, you should know what to do here :-)



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