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Coding Camp For Girls
Brochure (pdf)
More Details About The Program
Why A Computing Camp Just For Girls?
Misconceptions About Girls In Computing

We're looking for you to answer the three "essay" questions below with one or two paragraphs each.  This is primarily how we decide who to accept into our Coding Camp for Girls and our Robotics Camp for Girls.  There is only one application for either or both camps.

If you've taken one of our evening Stars Challenge courses, or one of our earlier Coding or Robotics camps, you don't have to do the essays.



On-Line Application

*Student First Name
*Student Last Name
*Which camp are you applying for? Coding Camp For Girls ($300)
Robotics Camp for Girls ($300)
Both ($500, a $100 discount)
*Student Street Address:
*Student Town, State, and Zip:
*Student Home Phone:
*Student Email:
*Parent Email
*Emergency Contact Name:
*Emergency Contact Number
*Grade Completed in June, 2020: 6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
*School Attended in June, 2020:
*Need another first question. This course will focus on SCIENCE: Sensing, Coding, Imagining, Experimenting, Networking, Creating and Enjoying. Of these seven activities, which appeals most to you?.

Remember: One to two good paragraphs for these three questions.

(If you’ve already taken one of our Fall or Winter Stars Challenge courses, you don’t have to answer these three essay questions. Just enter NA so the form will be happy.)

*We’re hoping to work with a group of creative young ladies. Can you describe an example of how you’ve been creative on a recent academic project or assignment that you’ve undertaken?
*When working on a math or science project, would you rather work alone of on a team? Please tell us why.
*This is just for any notes you might want to include.
*Where did you hear about our Code Secrets camp? If a newspaper, which one?
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