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Coding and Robotics Camp for Girls
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Why A Computing Camp Just For Girls?
Misconceptions About Girls In Computing

Coding And Robotics Camp For Girls 
A two week camp at High Technology High School

We'll be back next summer.  See you then!

Come Explore with Us
Are you looking for something fun and creative? Do you like exploring? Do you wonder about the future? We invite you to spend two weeks with a group of curious girls like yourself. You’ll have fun discovering new skills in the increasingly important worlds of computing and robotics. You’ll get to talk with professional women who’ll share their stories of finding their passion and answer your questions.

Click on the nearby robot pictures to see lots of different robots doing diferent things.  The roach is particularly fun!

This program will be a hands on adventure into the world of coding and robotics. You’ll be exposed to coding and the use of sensors to gather information from the world around you and direct the robot that you'll build. You need to be curious and interested in exploring. You don’t need to know computer programming or robotics.  More details about our program are here.

Our two week girls-only Coding and Robotics Camp is for girls who will complete the 6th, 7th or 8th grades in June 2019.

Click here for our on-line application. The nearby video is from Code.org and does a great job of explaining why coding (computing) and robotics are important. If you'd like to try a little coding, try one of the tutorials on Code.org. They're fun!

Any questions, please call Mr. Roche at 732-609-2797.

What's going to happen?  
You’ll learn coding, discover basic principles of programming common to a number of different programming languages, and develop your first programs in Python.  You’ll experiment with a 3D printer and create your own simple apps to run on any Android phone or tablet.

You’ll build a VEX Robot and assemble a testbed of sensors to allow your VEX Robot to interact with the environment. This testbed will be used to introduce you to the VEX Robotics System and you’ll use your coding skills to program and control the robots as they interact with their environment.  Finally, you’ll use all your skills to participate in a remote-controlled game like the ones in the VEX Robotics Competitions.  
Explore these pages to see why we're doing a computing camp specifically for girls and how we plan to address many of the misconceptions girls have about Computing.

Dates and Times
Our program will meet for two weeks, Monday - Friday, from July 8-19, 2019. Classes will meet from 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM at High Technology High School on the Brookdale Community College Campus. 

Students must provide their own transportation to and from HTHS. Students should bring their own snacks and lunch.


We’re excited to be able to operate out of the research wing at High Technology High School this year. Mr. Roche and Mr. Hanas will be teaching the course assisted by their team of TAs who are current HTHS students.

Mr. Roche is the research advisor and biology teacher at High Technology High School and will lead the first week.

Mr. Hanas, the engineering and computer science teacher at High Technology High School, will lead the second week.

Application Deadline
The on-line application deadline is June 26.  We will send out "rolling acceptance emails" during the spring. Final acceptances will be sent on June 30 via email.

Tuition for the ten day course is $500.

The program is open to girls who will have completed the 6th, 7th or 8th grade by June, 2019. Students must have earned a B or better in the current year's science course.

Application Process
Please fill out the on-line application. We'll send you an email acknowledgement that we received it.