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Explore, Imagine and Build
By Mr. John Valente

While watching your favorite television show, a news alert flashes a warning about possible tornadoes or electrical storms sweeping across your town.  How will you protect yourself, your family and your house?  Knowing how to correctly prepare for a storm might just save your life some day!

Why are roller coasters so much fun?  Why can’t you walk on a planet ten times the mass of the Earth?  Why would space travelers be crushed if a spaceship accelerated to almost the speed of light (even though you see this all the time at the movies)?  How do karate experts break boards with their hands? Why is it that the ocean recedes before a tidal wave hits the shore?  Join us this winter and learn the answers to these questions and many more!

Did you ever wonder if a dare devil trick you just watched in a movie or preformed in a video game would be possible in the “real world’?  Knowing the rules of nature – the study of physics – will enable you to separate fact from fiction.

Each week we will investigate the rules that govern the Universe – the laws of physics.  During each class you will have the opportunity to build devices that use and demonstrate these physical principles.  Once understood, these principles will enable you to understand the world around you.  You can take these devices home and to school to amaze your family, friends and teachers with your new brainpower!  And you can use them in class to win the competitions – the prizes are donuts!  See you this winter!



Mr. John Valente 
Science Faculty
Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST)

Mr. John Valente is a science teacher at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) located on Sandy Hook, New Jersey.  He teaches physics, with an emphasis on physical oceanography, and AP physics.  He is also the Vice-President of the New Jersey American Association of Physics Teachers.  As such, Mr. Valente conducts numerous workshops for physics teachers with the goal of improving physics teaching.  He currently serves as Co-Chair of the New Jersey Physics Olympics Committee.  The New Jersey Physics Olympics brings students from around the state to compete in various science challenges.  Mr. Valente earned an M.A. in Physical Science Education from The College of New Jersey.

Join us to Explore, Imagine and Build!