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Is It Science Or Magic?
By Ms. Aimée Babbin

Have you ever wondered why jello jiggles?  Why oil floats on water?  Why cabbage juice turns some liquids green and some red?  Why ice cream won’t freeze until it’s below zero degrees?  Why bubbles are spherical not cubic?  Why Alka Seltzer fizzes?  These phenomena aren’t magic – they are all explained by chemistry!  Through observing, questioning, and experimenting, students will investigate the field of chemistry
Students will explore simple molecules like water, and more complex molecules, like polymers and non-Newtonian fluids.  The students will create silly putty to see whose is the “stickiest” as they investigate polymers and Oobleck as they explore molecular arrangements (and maybe even try to walk on a fluid!).  Students will investigate the properties of acids and bases to learn how to produce invisible ink, which will lead into an exploration of the acid rain phenomenon.  Through the study of the freezing points of solutions, student experimenters will enjoy the chemistry of homemade ice cream.  They will study the chemical gas laws, create a lemon fizz “gas apparatus,” and learn why their soda tastes so good.  All demos and hands-on inquiries will be documented in a laboratory notebook that will include questions for further study of the chemical world.
Join us for this exciting course and you’ll learn how chemistry makes all these phenomena science – not magic

Ms. Aimée Babbin 
Science Faculty

High Technology High School

Ms. Aimée Babbin teaches chemistry and physics at High Technology High School. She is also actively involved in the research program and serves as an advisor for both freshman and sophomore research projects. Ms. Babbin has a BS in Chemistry and a MAT in Science Education. She is very passionate about chemistry and, in her spare time, tap dances, watches sports, and crochets.