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Would you like to teach for The Stars Challenge?

To excite the top math and science students, we need talented and creative teachers.

  • Teachers who establish a strong rapport with their students.
  • Teachers who are passionate about their subject.
  • Teachers who want to be creative with a class oftop students.

Our teachers create their own “problem solving”courses where small groups of students will work together to find the informationthey need and create an innovative solution. We plan to have programs in energy, environment, computing, biotech,radiology and economics.  Each programwill finish with a Celebration Event that involves the families.  The goal is to communicate the fun andexcitement of hi-tech innovation to a community of talented students and theirfamilies.

The Stars Challenge is anon-profit corporation. The tuition ($500 for a 10 week program) pays for the teacher, a few scholarships for students who can’t afford the tuition, and other expenses. We will work with corporations to develop content and seekgrants to expand our program.

Check out our Gallery to see pictures and videos describing The Stars Challenge and our earlier courses.

If you’re interested in teaching, let’s talk.  Tell us a little about the program you’d like to create and when you’d like to start teaching your program.  Contact us at or732-530-1061.

Do you know of students for The Stars Challenge?

You know the students who are academically motivated in math and science. These are the students we’d like to join us for The Stars Challenge.  Let us know who the students are and we’ll send them a personalized package of information ( or 732-530-1061).  Or just point them to this web site.

When the best people get together, wonderful things happen!