Thank you, Liz!

Reserved for Intro

The good Doctors Chappell and Liz from Zumu have recently granted my request for a "hidden" section on the Stars Challenge website for use by you - the curious, adventurous students in our pilot course to introduce the fun of coding.

The handout you receive will include the html code that was used to cause this page to appear on the web. We think you'll agree, it's quite simple to interpret and easy to code. That handout, along with this cheat sheet link should have you easily creating and editing your own page within a few minutes. We're excited to see what you can do in the space we've provided.


The content of your individual page needs to be school appropriate! Something you would be proud to show your parents and grandparents... Something your grandmother would be proud to share with the members of her motorcycle club! Also remember not to post any personal information or last names, addresses, phone numbers, email contact info, etc...

how many of you helped pose for this shot? :-)

Here are links to your personal web pages. You can visit and view all of them, but only yours will contain a red edit button. Click that and you will have access to edit the html code! "Testgirl" will demo for you! :-)

Listing of individual pages